Spring 97, Sheltowee Trace, Yahoo Falls to Cumberland Falls

Distance: 25 miles

Hikers: Todd, Me, Bill, Cain, Jerome, Sean

Bill (Ank/Billy-Goat) is back in the game after recovering from his knee injury. Jerome (One Nighter), Todd (Wienerschnitzer), Bob (me, i.e., Mooch), Cain (Chuck Wagon) and Sean (Hiker) are along for the third trip.

Day 1: We started out at Yahoo Falls on a beautiful day for hiking. This part of the trail takes you out of the Big South Fork area and into Daniel Boone National Forest. The first day took us across US 27 at Flat Rock. The day was uneventful and the first campsite was a random flat area between two small streams.

Day 2: The second day took us to One Nighter’s car on State Road 700, so he could go home. He gave some of the boys a ride because the trail followed this road for a while. Ank and I decided to walk the distance. Once the trail entered into the forest it started down hill to the Cumberland River. We followed the river for a few miles before we caught up with the rest of the crew. They were waiting on shore of the river. The shore in this area was about ½ mile long rock. The rock was flat and we had already gone 10 miles so we stopped for the night. The site was great, we swam and bathed in the river, it had a spring for fresh water nearby and it was flat. Cain got his trail name on this trip when he sat down for supper and proceeded to pull out of his pack enough food to supply Aisle 4 at Kroger’s.

Day 3: The night was so clear that none of us even put our tents up. We sleep under the stars. There was another surprise that night. It was Memorial Day weekend and some of the locals came down to the river to play. The women built a huge fire with the abundant drift wood while the boys got out the coolers and music. This was the second time in three trips where we thought we might be sacrificed at the stake. Luckily they kept their distance and the night went by peacefully.

Day 4: The next day it was a five-mile hike out along the river.