Spring 96 Sheltowee

Todd, Bill, Bob

Pickett State Park to Peter’s Mountain---18.2 miles

Marks Branch Loop

Left keys in car

Deliverance—begging for a ride

Heat and Mosquitoes

First camp site with satanic music

2nd site in weeds, Bill still need a fire even with 90 degree heat

Lots of ticks and dove in a swimming hole


Fall 96 Sheltowee

Bob, Todd, Sean, Jerome

Peter’s Mountain to Yahoo Falls 23.4 miles

First site was on a ridge, rained all night, 14 hours in the tent, no fire, no hot food

Jerome fell in a creek

Yamacraw bridge

2nd night at Alum Ford

Frozen water bottles


Spring 97 Sheltowee

Todd, Bob, Bill, Cain, Jerome, Sean

Yahoo Falls to Cumberland Falls—25 miles

Site 1—nice site but who knows where it was

2nd night on the rock shore of the Cumberland River

Slept under the stars

Redneck Memorial Day Party

Some hikers got rides while Bill and I walked the road


Fall 97 Sheltowee

Sean, Todd, Bill, Bob

Cumberland Falls to Laurel Lake—25.5 miles

Camp 1 was at Bark Camp Creek Shelter

Possible foot shot off

Most of first day was along the Cumberland in pouring rain

2nd night was at Laurel lake pay site (Holly Bay) (Bitch Bay)

Got hot showers


Spring 98 Sheltowee

Todd, Jerome, Bill, Bob

Laurel Lake to I-75—17.2

Cain Creek Wilderness Area

Gauntlet Hike

Camp 1 was in between 3 streams

Camp 2 was in a magnolia maze that we couldn’t get out of.

ATV course

Lots of water falls in Cain Creek area

Herded fish to Todd so he could catch something

Side trip to Rockcastle River

Used GPS for the first time


Fall 98 Sheltowee

Todd, Bill, Bob, Sean, Leo

Zacharia to Mariba—24 miles

Thru Red River

Indian Staircase

Couldn’t find it and when we did Bob wasn’t to happy, afraid of heights

Camp 1 was in the gorge with rock chairs waiting for us

Camp 2 was on a ledge—we had to force hike to this site before it got dark

Started the 10 minute rule

Bill lost his car antenna, vandalise

Leo first trip and he wore blue jeans


Spring 99 Sheltowee

Leo, Todd, Sean, Cain, Bill, Bob, Len, Potzie

Mariba to Cave Run Lake Visitor Center—24 miles

Left Pots at Clear Creek Camp Ground

Forced hike of about 12 miles to get to water. Still had to walk a mile down hill to get it.

Camp 1 on ridge

Cain’s dog drank most of my water

Camp 2 at Frog Bombay—frogs, exploding rocks and falling trees


Fall 99 Sheltowee

Todd, Bill, Sean, Bob, Leo

Northern Terminus to Ky. Rt. 32—26.4 miles

Night 1 was in a hollow and first bivy sack attempt - Sean

Night 2 was on a cold ridge

Hiked during deer season and walked right thru were the hunters were. We had no orange but made lots of noise. Well, Bill had some orange

Dear hung and stripped


Spring 00 Big South Fork

Sean, Bill, Leo, Bob—Loop

Bandi Creek to Angel Falls Overlook to Duncan Hollow Trail—25 miles

First night was in a flat area surrounded by Rhododendron along a creek and had rock tables. Hard spot to find because of the rodos

Camp 2 was along Laurel Fork Creek

Sean camped under a tarp and had to share his food with the mice.


Fall 00 Big South Fork

Todd, Leo, Pam, Gary, Bill, Sean, Bob

Peters’ Mtn to Ky. Trail to Leadbetter Trail to Blue Heron—19.5 miles

First Night was on the Big South Fork River and a huge flat area

First girl on trip and the first chance for a 5.

Dove into the river

Bill and Bob stayed on the trail will the others went off trail and got lost. Had to catch a ride with a guy smoking a cig while on O2 support. Only found each other with the who-dee-who call

Second night was under an overhang—mistake

Veggie dinner that even the bugs wouldn’t eat


Spring 01 Big South Fork

Sean, Leo, Bill, Bob--loop

Bandy Creek to West Entrance Trail to Charit Creek Lodge to Twin Arches to Slave Falls

First Night we camped at Charit Creek—sat on the porch, played horse shows, lounged in hammock

Second night was along Slave Creek—lots of creek crossings

Snakes were all over, Slave Falls, Twin Arches

26.9 miles


Fall 01 Big South Fork

Todd, Sean, Bill, Leo, Bob –loop

Peter’s Mtn to Ky. Trail to John Muir Trail to Sheltowee to Marks Branch

21.1 miles

John Muir Overlook

Great Meadows

Sean and Todd in Hillbilly Car

Cold but dry

First night was on a ridge


Spring 02 Land Between The Lakes

Bob, Sean, Leo, Tadpole, Dex

Hillman Ferry to Golden Pond—18.7

First night at Hillman Ferry arrived late.

Hot, Hot, Hot



Sean passed out

Swam in lake

Dex in tent screaming about wanting to die and wanting to leave


Fall 02 Land Between The Lakes

Pole, Paul, Bob, Todd Bill, Sean, Bagger Boy

First night camped near an old fire tower

Tadpole slept in a steel bunker

Rainy day

Trail was pretty much un-remarkable

South Welcome Station to Golden Pond—20.9 miles


Spring 03   Big South Fork

Leo, Bob---loop

Leather Wood Ford Trail to John Muir Trail to Grand Gap Loop, Station Camp Crossing

Angel Falls overlook, lots of rain

First camp site was a repeat from Spring 00

Station Camp crossing was uncrossable, we had to find another way out, a nice looking ranger drove us to our cars


Fall 03   Snake Den Ridge

Pops, Bob, Bill Dex, Leo, Sean

First Trip to Smokies

Night 1   Cosby Camp Ground

Day 1 Gabes Mountain Trail 4.8 Miles to site # 34 Sugar Cove

Hen Wallow Falls

Pops about to die

Day 2 Maddron Bald to camp site # 29—Death March 4.4 miles with and elevation gain of 2500 ft. Total 6 Miles

Dex slipped at top

Went back down to help Pops, he refused help

That night sat around the campfire with some people from Cleveland. I apparently agitated them and the boys thought they were going to fight.

Their girl friend wanted to talk about sex

They were smokers and we beat them up the hill.

Day 3 Finished Maddron Bald and down Snake Den Ridge to car 6 miles

Peaked at 5500 ft.

Total Trip 17 M


Spring 04   Big South Fork

Pops, Bob, Bill, Dex

Parked 1 car at Burnt Mill Bridge

Day 1  Honey Creek Loop       5.6 miles  back to car

Lots of water falls, caves and creeks

Rained most of the day

Honey Creek Overlook

Pops lost his phone

Bob searched for camp site in pouring rain while the other sat in the car

Drove car to site

Johnny Cash and Burning Ring of Fire

Day 2  John Muir Trail to Honey Creek Rode  4.2 miles

Day 3 ½ of the Burnt Mill Loop  3 miles

Total 12.8 miles


Fall 04     Mount Sterling

Bill, Bob, Pops, Dave, BA, French, Sean, Dex

Night 1  Clear Creek

Had to bargain our way into a horse camp

Presidential debates and sleeping in cars

Day 1  Little Chattahoochee Trail to camp site # 39  Pretty Hollow Gap   7 miles

Mostly flat  elevation gain of  only 750 ft, but most of it was all at once

The site was large but not level

Frenchy wanted to quit and walk out the next morning and was up all night

Day 2  Pretty Hollow Gap to Mt Sterling 5.5 miles, elevation gain of 2700 ft

Camp site is called Devils Bed Chamber has a fire tower

Not much wood and had to walk for water

Large grassy area

Frency got his name, dumped out water and bourbon to save weight

Day 3 Long Bunk Trail out to car  5 miles

Total 17.5 miles  Max elevation 5700 ft


Spring 05   Sheltowee Trace

Bill, Bob, Sean, Dave, Captain, Pops, BA, Simon

Repeat for Bill and Bob/reverse of Spring 98

Day 1  I-75 to Campsite  12 miles long death march

Site was flat, near a creek and a bridge with tires and garbage

Cold and Rainy Snowed first night

Hiked thru Ky. garbage

Day 2  about 4 miles to a bushwhack to up on a ridge

Large, level, open and lots of wood

Day 3 out to Laurel Lake  about 3 miles

Pops caught a fish at Caine Creek

Caine Creek Wilderness Area, lots of falls

Van Hook Falls is when Bill fell, hurt wrist

Got misplaced in the same Magnolia area as last time

Total 19 miles


Fall 05     Mt Cammerer

Bill, Simon, Bob, Captain, Dex, BA, French, Pops, Pole, Paul, Leo, Dave

Most people  12

Night 1 Cosby Campground

On Cosby Arts Festival, Bluegrass music, Free food

Cosby Camp Store and telling Pops Stories

Day 1 Big Creek Trail to Walnut Bottoms camp site # 37    5.5 miles/easy

Axe murderer, almost a 5 with Diamond Brands girl friend  Ross and Jan

Day 2 Camel Gap, Appalachian Trail, Mt Cammerer Trail, Low Gap Loop 11 miles

Mt Cammerer fire station was a great view, left 2 late and got back in the dark

CME did a demo of the Backward Crap Walk

Total 21 miles


Spring 06    Cumberland Gap

Bill, Captain, Sean, BA, French, Bob, Pole

Day 1  Pole and I went to the City of Cumberland Gap where there was a Civil War reenactment and ate in a small Diner.

Night 1 Wilderness Road Campground

Day 2 Sugar Run Trail to Ridge Trail to Martins Fork Campground

Hard death march of up/downs about 13 miles

Site was filled with boy scouts, no fire, Brian H is better that Kurt

Rainy day

Day 3 to White Rocks camp site  4 miles

Great overlook, Sand Cave and water fall

Day 4 Ewing Trail to car about 2.5 miles down

Don’s Garage


Fall 06  Smokies  Gregory’s Bald

Pops, Captain BA, Paul, Heidrich, French, Bob, Bill

Car camped the first night a Look Rock

Had wienie’s cooked on a stick over the fire for dinner.

Second night was a # 92 Upper Flats

Twenty Mile Creek Trail 4.8 miles to the site.

Site was large and spread out

Day hike loop from Twenty Mile to Appalachian to Gregory Bald  returned down Hungry Ridge Trail about 15 mile loop. Went past Shuckstack Fire Tower looking over Fontana Lake

Ran into a Appalachian Trail ridge runner

25 mile total


Spring 07  Mammoth Cave

BA, Bob, Sean, Captain, Bill French, Topo Boy, 24 hours, Pops, Heidrich, Eric

Spend the day canoeing on the Green River

First night a Houchins Ferry with pretend Lesbos after French cooked some large burgers

First and second night at Coolie Ridge

Hiked in on the McCoy Hollow trail 5.8 miles

Day hike loop along The Buffalo Trail and The Good Spring Loop Trail 10 mile loop

3 miles out along the Wet Prong trail

Pops was lost then he was found

18 miles


Fall 07  Smokies     Hemphill Bald

Newbee, Bob, Bill One Match, BA, French Heidrich, Captain, Pops

First night car camping at Cosby after attempting to stay a 2 other over crowded campgrounds. The Suit boys were supposed to come later and they got lost.

Bob and BA had some shine at the camp store with Johnny and Piss boy

Apple Shine. Johnny Wad and Cold Mountain

First day was a 4.8 mile hike along Caldwell Fork trail to camp site # 41 (Caldwell Fork)

Nice flat wide open site with creek and large Poplar trees near by.

Day hike of 15 miles on Hemphill Bald trail to Chattahoochee Trail to Rough Fork(Pools Gap)

Newbee claims a bear sighting

2nd night we meet Gilbert and heard his girl friend story about sweat, sex and UTI

Out along Boggerman Trail—hard


23 mile total


Spring 08 Red River

Bill, Sean, Captain, Murph, Two Pack, Heidrich, Bob

6 mile hike in along Osborne Bend Trail to random site along Gladie Creek

Murph struggled

We had a great chance for a 5 but I wasn’t bourbonized and everyone else was drooling.

Lost girls

Day hike to Indian Staircase and back about 8 miles

Found remains of one of our old camp sites (Fall 98) on the Sheltowee

Found a lot of mushrooms

Sean tried to take his dog up the staircase

2nd night Bill and Bob stood in the rain keeping the fire and bourbon warm

4 miles out

Ate at Migels Pizza

18 mile total