The NewbieTrail Name:  Tarp Boy

Nights Out:   35, as of 04/2016

Age (2016):  60

Occupation:  Co-Owner of an IT service firm. Ex-theatre techie.

Favorite Beverage:  Kentucky Bourbon, of course. I generally go for the Maker’s Mark or Buffalo Trace. Prefer to sip it over the rocks.

Favorite Trail:  Of the trips I've taken, close to home, the Twin Arches and Middle Creek loops in the Big South fork NRA. The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in the Weimenuche Wilderness of Colorado was both challenging and spectacular.

Worst Trip:  Pine Mountain Trail in KY, both trips.  The first because it was a near disaster, the second because they used a bulldoser to widen the trail and utterly destroyed its natual beauty. 

How I got my Trail Name:  I started bringing a tarp on the trips and it has helped us weather the weather. Beats being cooped up in our tents!

Random Thoughts or Advice:  Don’t wait until you’re 50ish to start backpacking!  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.  Slow down on the trail to enjoy the view, it’s not a race. I also formulated a 30-30-30 corollary on one of the trips - wished I'd started backpaking when I was 30 years younger, before my 30's, and when I was 30 pounds lighter.