Billy-GoatTrail Name: I've been nicknamed Ank, Flamer, Snapfish, Shutterfly and now Billy-Goat or B-Goat

Nights Out: 92, as of 05/2015

Age (2009): 50+

Occupation: TV Engineer NBC affiliate in Cincinnati, OH

Favorite Beverage:  Water, Bourbon, Wine, Beer

Favorite Trail: My most favorite to date is in Glacier National Park, pick any trail! Beauty is all around! In KY, anywhere along a ridge or a fire tower where you can get a nice view of the land! Gregory Bald!

Worst Trip: My first backpacking trip ever on the Sheltowee Trace starting at Pickett State Park, it was not the trip but it was me. I was not prepared and my knees gave out on the ups and downs of the trail. It was summertime and hot, felt like 100 degrees, with ticks. It was a point to point trip with 2 cars and Mooch left his keys in the first car and we had no way to get the door open on the second car when we got there! Since I couldn't walk, I was able to stay with the backpacks while Mooch and TODD/ Wienerschnitzel hitchhiked back to the first car.

How I got my Trail Name: In the beginning I was the one who would start the camp fires, then I took pictures and sent them out to everyone, last came from Glacier National Park - surefooted and not afraid of heights. Ank is just short for Ankenbauer!

Random Thoughts or Advice: It's important to prepare and exercise before any backpacking trip. I did not do this on my first ever backpacking trip and paid the price in my knees and not able to walk at the end of the trip!