ScoutTrail name:  Scout
Nights out:  28, as of 05/2015

Age:  50+ (but still the youngest of the Patio Boys core.)

Occupation (s):
  Recovering Attorney, Real Estate Developer, Environmental Pornographer (it's a good story).

Favorite trail beverage:  Any single malt from a sherry wood cask.

Favorite Trail:
Pretty Hollow Gap Trail, North Carolina, in the middle of October.  The climb to the fire tower at the top is worth it. Reserving the right to update after trying Kilimanjaro this summer.

Worst Trip:   I would go again on any trip I have ever taken.

How I got my name:   I earned my first backpacking blisters as a Boy Scout leader.  Like all good nicknames the bearer has no input in the selection or timing of the name.  Until I do some other thing that is noteworthy, I'll be Scout.

Random Thoughts:   I learned this hobby just in time to share a good trip with each of my boys.  For that I am eternally grateful. Carry a copy of Walden in your pack at all times, it can always be re-read.