Siilver PopsTrail Name: Silver Pops, earlier Silver Fox and Jumpin Johnny

Nights Out: 54, as of 5/2015

Age: 60+, kiss my grits. I am 6'2" 230 lbs healthy, strong and ready to kick some butt.

Occupation: Real Estate Developer

Favorite Beverage: Knob Creek Bourbon and Cherry Pre-sweetened Kool Aide and Non Alcoholic drink is Diet Mountain Dew when car camping.

Favorite Trail: Gregory's Bald in the Smokies.

Worst Trail: Sheltowee Trace  I-75 to Caine Creek Wilderness Area.

Worst Death March: Camp Site # 34 on Gabes Mountain Trail to Camp Site # 29 on Maddron Bald Trail in the Smokies.

Favorite Trail Food: Red Barn Double Decker Turkey and Colby the first days lunch. Dinner is Mountain House Teyriaki Chicken and Rice Dinner or anything the Captain is cooking.

Favorite Camp Site: Camp Site # 38 (Devil's Bed Chamber) on the Baxter Creek Trail in the Smokies.

Random Thoughts or Advice:
1. Keep your wits when you get lost. And you will get lost.
2. Carry matches and a flashlight at all times.
3. Watch out for wussies that go to sleep at 8 pm and wake the camp at 6am. Real men drink and tell stories around the fire until after midnight.  We have to pay the price in the AM. Net sleep time is the real indicator.
4. Never give up no matter how hard the trail is. You will make it.